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In the vast blue sea, boats of Azalea Cruises look like small delicate petals of a flower drifting by the waves. The femininity of Azalea Cruises does not only come from the look. Like a soft azalea, the emblem for femininity and feminine beauty, their charm and delicacy show in every step you take inside the boat.

Here and there are the pots of colourful flowers hanging, creating pretty space everywhere. White colour which is associated with purity, virginity and innocence also presents in the furniture, ornaments and pictures, more outstanding and elegant when it goes with the black colour. The fine arts also represent delicately in the design of windows, curtains, round mirrors, bathtubs looking at the sea or candle lights at night.

Along with femininity, azalea is also the symbol of love in Vietnam. The flower’s origin is told by a legend that a couple got lost and failed to find each other. They both died from exhaustion while looking for each other. But not their love. The wife turned into a new kind of flower, azalea, to spread her scent for her husband to recognize while the husband became a bird to fly everywhere to look for her.  

Since then, azaleas symbolizes taking care of yourself and your beloved. Azalea is a perfect gift when you want to tell someone you deeply care about that person.

Sending the secret message of the flower, a trip with Azalea Cruises is a loving gift to your beloved. Azalea Cruises give a great care to all passengers onboard. In the 5-star amenities and pampering services from the professional and attentive staff who always smile and are ready to take care of every one of your needs, you will feel loved.


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Sometimes we live experiences that mark us for the rest of our life. If you are looking for living one of these experiences, let us help you. Our

passionate personnel will assist you in order to design a tailored trip that you will remember forever.

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